Daniel Edelman: Social Security, Disability Law


“Thanks for everything and winning my case from Social Security. It was a pleasure to meet and work with you.”
-- M. McV.

“I want to thank you for all the work and effort you put into my case, simply brillant.”
-- J. L-C.

"Both of us want to sincerely thank you for your efforts, wisdom, kind words and support in our long journey to a successful outcome.”
-- R. M.

“It wouldn’t have happened without you.”
-- M. McG.

“You are so efficient! Thanks for the invoices with all the explanations.”
-- P. B.

What You Should Know

Why an attorney

If you find yourself disabled and unable to work, you are most likely worried about how you are going to support your family and pay the bills. You have no idea when things will get better, and you probably have little or no experience dealing with legal issues. Given all this, it may not be in your best interest to represent yourself in your dealings with Social Security.

As your attorney, I will fight for you. I will thoroughly review your case until I know it inside out. I will gather new evidence, if necessary. I will prepare you for your testimony (should a hearing be required). I have the experience and knowledge to figure out the most effective strategy for winning your case, and I will present it in the most convincing manner possible.

Don’t worry about whether you can afford to hire me: I will be awarded attorneys’ fees only if you win your case. Social Security must approve any monies that are awarded me (attorneys’ fees are deducted from any lump sum payment Social Security owes you). The only items for which you need to pay regardless of your case’s outcome are my out-of-pocket expenses, such as postage, photocopying and fees that your doctor charges me.

When to call

Call me if and when you get discouraged. Most potential clients get discouraged after they receive the first decision denying them disability benefits and during the short time period (60 days) they have to appeal it. That would be a good time to call me.