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How Social Security Works

Increase Your Odds of Being Awarded Disability Benefits

There are no sure-fire ways to ensure your being awarded disability benefits. However, there are a number of things you can do to increase your odds.

Here are some suggestions:

Your primary care physician should support your claim of disability. You should tell your doctor that you’re applying for Social Security disability. Ask your doctor if he or she would be willing to support your application with a written opinion that summarizes your treatment history and explains why you are disabled and unable to do any kind of work. Gaining the support of your doctor early in the process will help your chances enormously.

Think about people who might be able to write letters in support of your disability claim. Choose people who know you well (for instance, former co-workers, family members, close friends, relatives or members of the clergy). These people should have firsthand knowledge of how your disability has limited your activities. Ideally, they see you frequently and can describe various (and specific) instances of how your disability has adversely affected your life.

Be honest with me and your doctors. Don’t exaggerate your symptoms or limitations. If your limitations have worsened, or if you’re feeling better, tell us. Give us details.

Follow your doctor’s instructions – don't stop taking any prescribed medication or discontinuing any treatment on your own.